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Can stress contribute to TMJ?

One of the examples I often give to my patients is doing self checks in the car while driving.  I often pay special attention to my grip on the steering wheel, if my jaw is clenched, what position my shoulders are in and bring self awareness to my pelvic floor, which is often held tight.  [...]

Pelvic Health Tips for Children

Is it normal that my child still wets the bed? It can be normal for children to wet the bed up until age 14.  The child may feel embarrassed and avoid going to sleep over at a friend’s house.  Children should not feel ashamed as this can be a normal aspect of how they develop.  [...]

Prostate Health Tips

Is prostate massage really helpful? Prostate massage can be performed by any pelvic health specialist trained in these techniques.  The prostate should feel like the size of a walnut with good elasticity and mobility of the connective tissue around the area.  If there is an enlargement (which is present in most men as they age), [...]

Vulvovaginal Health Tips

Did you know that all women have a personal odor and discharge depending on the time during their cycle?  A woman’s natural odor and discharge does not mean that there is something medically wrong.  There are many products out there that promote improving the hygiene of the vulvovaginal area.  Most of these products are unnecessary [...]

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